ProposalPad offers a quick and easy way to create proposals online.

Settings Dashboard

The settings dashboard lets you know exactly where you stand. How many testimonials, references you have listed and what percentage of your proposals have been accepted.



Manage all of your contacts in one place. You can even import your contact list from other applications to prevent too much additional work.



Configure your proposal settings just once or create multiple configuration files for different types of proposals. You can even upload your existing stationary/letterhead to make your branding consistent.



List your accomplishments and previous work on your portfolio pages. By uploading any image and the ability to add text you can feature any kind of product or project that is pertinent to your presentation. You can add your own affects to the images in your portfolio before you upload them for the style and associations that are meaningful to your client. Some of the more popular applications include:

  • Side-by-side before and after images.
  • Screenshots of a product.
  • Website screenshots and logos.
  • Text only.


Proposal Pick-up (ONLY on ProposalPad)

Your customers can pick up their proposals through our website, the ProposalPad widget you can put on your website or a link you email out. You can also download the proposals in PDF format and email or print for in-person presentations. With this many options your customers will always get your proposal.


Online Signatures (ONLY on ProposalPad)

Get actual signatures from your customers on your proposals. This feature is priceless when it comes to making sure your documents are properly approved. Once your proposal is approved the signature is embedded in your PDF proposal.


Secure (ONLY on ProposalPad)

Security is our priority. From the moment you log in your connection is secured. We also secure the connection when your customers view and approve your proposals.